Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interview with The Mayor of FedEx Field

No. I didn't interview myself, but Dave from Tailgating Ideas did.

Dave called me while the DTC was invading Canton a few weeks back.

Pretty in depth. Take a look here.

Tailgating Ideas is a must read for any tailgater. He is always up to date in everything tailgate related.

Whether it's the latest and greatest tailgate gadget, or tailgate humor, it is probably the greatest blog about tailgating.

While you are on his site, be sure to check out the 14 most annoying tailgaters, and the follow up with 10 more annoying tailgaters. Hilarious, yet accurate!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Top Three Redskin Hats of All-Time

In case you missed it, Jamie Mottram over at Mr. I found a lost treasure the other day. An original Hogs hat, circa 1985.

Clearly the most gangster hate ever made, I pointed out another gangster hat. The Art Monk Football Camp hat (worn below by The Head Coach of the DTC in Canton, Ohio)

Seeing these hats, both from the 80's, and both 100% nylon mesh, I remembered that I too had a gangster mesh hat from the 80's. Behold the 1983 Super Bowl hat.
25 years old and just like new. They don't make hats like this anymore. Sure, fitteds are hot, but nothing lets your dome piece breath like nylon mesh.

Name change..........

I thought naming my blog The FedEx Field Fuhrer was clever.

Some people just didnt think so.

I still have a big ego. I still love how awesome I am. Just no more Fuhrer.

In the mean time, im letting YOU, my 17 loyal readers decide what the new name is going to be.

Drop them in the comments section.

Blogging aint easy peeps.

UPDATE: Thanks to some kid I just bought some weed from, the new name of my blog is, Everybody Hates the Mayor. Good job pot head.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It ain't nothing but a DTC Gangster Party

We came. We conquered. And once again, we proved that there ain't nothing like a DTC Gangster Party!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The DTC has landed in Canton

Greetings from the lovely Canton Ohio, it's The Mayor of FedEx Field, and this is my first of many blog entries during the HOF festivities.

We left at 10:30 this morning, and arrived here, at the Comfort Inn in Canton at 4.

Not a bad trip at all, as we got here pretty much without hitting any traffic.

I thought I saw Brian Mitchell, but it was a false alarm, but I really did see the Redskin Cheerleaders, as they are staying here as well.

Getting ready to head to Buffalo Wild Wings down the street, hopefully I will have some better material, as this town is pretty fucking boring.

But you know us, the DTC is about to get gangster in Canton.

A DTC first: Cone bongs inside

The last time I posted, I said we were going to get things started, and started we did. Canton Ohio got its first taste of the DTC as we and another 100 Redskin fans celebrated the upcoming HOF inductions of Redskin legends Art Monk and Darrell Green. I could go into details, but I better the the pictures below tell the story.

Getting ready to "hit the hay", but count on the DTC to continue Redskin madness bright and early Saturday morning.

I will post more pics later when I get the time, but keep checking out the blog for steady updates!