Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last time the DTC was at FedEx Field....

December 30th 2007 is a day that will live in infamy. The Washington Redskins controled their own destiny. The hated Dallas Cowboys were in town. Along with them, their whack ass bandwagon fans.

Did I mention HBO was with the DTC since 8 AM? Yeah. HBO was with the DTC since 8 AM and 2 bottles (2 BOTTLES!) of Crown Royal have been sitting on the ground empty since 10:30.

It was a cold and nasty day. 30 degrees and sleeting, but the DTC stepped it up on the lot. With HBO and an independent film maker video taping our every move, we proved who runs FedEx Field preventing Cowboy fans from not only parking in F-51, but as video evidence shows below, even driving through F-51.

I will steal a line from my main man Warner Wolf.

Let's go to the video tape

40 minutes after this incident, the driver and a few of his buddies came back.

One megaphone was harmed while making that video.

UPDATE: If you wanted to see Redskin fans make breakfast with Chris Pauls Redskins rap tracks in the background. Today is your lucky day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday to Hit a Muthafukking Eagle Fan, the music video!

Produced, directed and starring the CEO along with myself, this video has not only gained Redskin and Eagle fans attention, but went world wide when former editor Will Leitch on Deadspin decided he wanted to get into the DTC business.

2 years and about 30,000 views later, haters are still hating and, the DTC is still punching Eagle fans.

With a big season on the horizon, look for more big things from the DTC.

This Sunday we will be at Training Camp, and August 1st through the 4th we will be in Canton, Ohio welcoming Art Monk and Darrell Green into the Hall of Fame. We will also be kicking off the 2008 NFL tailgating season when the Redskins take on the Colts in the Hall of Fame Game.

And I will be live blogging the entire trip!

Chris Cooley is gangster

Chris Cooley, Pro Bowl Tight End of the Washington Redskins is bringing his gangster status up at record speeds. As probably the most fan friendly athlete Washington has ever seen, Chris and his brother Tanner have just solidified that status with this.

Now. In my opinion, the second prize a signed replithentic Chris Cooley jersey is of better value than the first prize, 2 tickets to the Bills/Redskins preseason game. I usually give my preseason tickets to the local church or to my friends.

But since Chris has left the females out of the contest, the DTC is going to step up and offer 2 of our preseason tickets to the hottest female with a fake beard. That's right ladies, find a fake beard, tape it on your face, get your equally hot friend to do the same, take pictures of yourself, e-mail them to mayor@deadtreecrew.com and you both could go to the game!

Pretty easy. Me and The President will pick a few favorites and post them on this blog for everyone to vote.

Second prize is nothing. So ovaries to the wall!