Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Santa Claus moved to Leesburg

Meet Merton Albert Meade. He just moved down the street from me. And when I say moved, I probably should specify.

Mr. Meade is a registered sex offender. With 10 seperate counts of Indecent Liberties with Children "Mert", is sitting in the brand new jail in Leesburg.

If I had to guess, I would say this gentleman used a Santa Claus suit to trick kids in sucking on his flesh colored candy cane.

For the record, I hate sex offenders. I have had one fired from my work last week, now I search this site daily. Colt Brennan watch out!

Bonus sex offender pic, just because this guy should be on the cover of Sex Offender Illustrated.


I really could do this all day, but I promise this is the last one. The next time your're in Fairfax City, stop by the local Panera, and make sure you meet Sugarfoot Smith.


Pete said...

This man is not a sex offender, he took the fall for a piece of shit. I would trust him with my life. do not misjudge him please.

Pete said...

I know this man well. he is not a sex offender. took the fall for a young man that was banging his girlfriend in the wrong place. A great man, do not misjudge him!