Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I think they like us

There is no offseason for the DTC, thus there is no offseason for the haters of the DTC.


Probably the greatest picture taken of the DTC Captains, and probably the greatest Photoshop of the DTC Captains. I think it is safe to say, "Jacs" stands for jacks off, because anyone that spends that much time photoshopping the DTC, cannot possibly have ever seen a vagina in person.

More "masterpieces" after the jump


This picture is awesome. The only thing that could make it more awesome, is if I was wearing that red, white, and blue glitter suite myself, and Richard Simmons was wearing the Presidents bullet proof vest.

And I will end it with my all time favorite. A combination of a Redskins victory in Philly, the resurgance of Hit a Motherfucking Eagle fan, and Dan Steinberg visiting us for the first time brought out the best in Philly!


DEAD TREE GROUP??!!! saw ZERO Eagle fans step on F-51 pavement. One Eagle fan disputes this claim however.

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