Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Mayor is up for an award...........

A few weeks ago, I renamed my blog to Everybody Hates the Mayor. Apparently for good reason.

Yesterday I was emailed a link to some Denver area blog that decided I was the front runner for an upcoming award.

Yes NFL fans. I have been nominated for "Most Douchiest Douchebag award" for 2008.

This by world renowned blogger, Joe Tone. Never heard of him? Join the club. He writes for Westword. What was that? You haven't heard of that either? You just joined 2 clubs today!

Obviously he has a loyal reader base, and when I say loyal reader base, I mean Internet nobodies that know who I am and what the DTC is.

Yep. The same commenters that are telling me, I never miss "a mention of myself" but seem to also never miss a mention of myself. How ironic.

But hey. I might win an award. This is cause for celebration.

Break out the high quality chronic, the cheap liquor and the Oxycontin.


Skin Patrol said...

I don't hate the mayor.

Skin Patrol said...

But I hate Denver.

Downtown Dave said...

And then when they realize how much you get laid then they will retract all their comments.... said...

A couple of good Skins articles

bigbrown said...

Its Chris.

Been out of the loop for awhile, there will be a comeback. Good to see the DTC still going strong, i would expect nothing less.

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