Friday, June 27, 2008

A sit down with The President of the DTC

One of the 3 co-founders of the Dead Tree Crew, a pillar of the Redskins tailgating community, my partner in crime, and just an all around awesome person, I sit down with the President of the DTC and ask the questions everyone wants the answers to.

Why do they call you the President?

First Mayor, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to provide this insight to our fans.

Why am I the President? Well simply because I run shit. Where ever I got it's my show, when I show up I am now in charge!

What’s up with the bullet proof vest?

Well as you well know there is no Vice President of the DTC, therefore I can’t have some Eagle fan assassinate your boy. But in case anything ever goes down you know I have my dog tags on as well.

How many people over the age of 60 have you punched in the face? Why?

Well I can’t say that they were over 60, just like I don’t check ID when hooking up with some young bitch, I don’t check ID when I punch old people in the face, but I have definitely punched a hand full of old people in my life time. Oh and why you ask? Well old people need to be put in line too.

You have an obvious penchant for thievery, name some things you have taken without permission.

Well many fathers would say I stole their daughter’s virginity, but what the fuck do they know. Other than that you can always see the Moss Rd. street sign at our DTC Tailgates, and that doesn’t belong to me, hell I don’t even live on that street. Oh and I can’t forget the numerous golf carts that have been taking for a joy ride as well.

Last season you knocked out an Eagle fan inside the stadium, then threw his girlfriend down the ramp. Is that your all time favorite stadium moment? What is?

Thinking about the Eagle fan dropping like a sack of potatoes always brings a smile to my face, but that is not my favorite. A few years back the Skins were playing the Giants. I arrived at my seat right at kick off. At this time the G-men got off a pretty good kick return. A Giant fan behind me was celebrating as if it was Super Bowl 25 and Scott Norwood just missed the kick wide right. I informed the gentlemen that it was a long game; the giants had the ball at their own 40 and to take it down a notch. I am unable to recall his words at this time but he certainly challenged my authority, but before I could get a word in edge wise he pointed out his son was with him and I need to be respectful. I told him one more outburst like he had earlier I would come over there and use his son as a bat and beat him with his own son. Minutes later Fed-Ex Field Security asked me to get up out of my seat and come with them. We walked in to the corridor and they told me I could be thrown out for acting up. I assured them they would be no more problems. As I returned to my seat, the two female friends I was with were relieved to see I was not thrown out, but informed me that the Giant fan was talking shit after they took me out. I still kept my cool, until the Giants were punting and it was some what quiet in our section, this guy called me "boy" and then asked what security had to say. I told him “they told me to tell you to shut the fuck up”. At this point my fellow Redskins fans also began to give him a verbal lashing. I guess his son learned who really runs shit…me.

You have been anointed a Certified Level 10 Gangster. Care to explain?

In all honesty, there is no explanation needed. Real recognizes real. If you too are as gangster as us then you will know what the fuck I am talking about. Certified Level 10 Gangster sure has a great ring to it though!

Every season, you seem to “kick it up a notch”, What’s in store for this season?

Well there are always additions but at this point there is not too much that I can reveal. Some of our best moves are made last minute, so I am sure we will think of things in the weeks leading up the season, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise either, but rest assured, new rap tracks, new color schemes for the cone, new banners will all make an appearance at F-51 this season.

And last question. Denim or mesh?

Oh, I’m a denim guy, but my favorite shorts to date are the burgundy velour shorts I wore a few years ago. Those were fucking gangster.

If you are dying to know more about The President, check out his MySpace page, or e-mail him at

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